CC Picks - Reading Material


Kinfolk is a slow lifestyle magazine published by Ouur. Founded in 2011 it is now the leading independent lifestyle magazine for young creative professionals. With contributors and consumers all over the world a number International editions of the magazine are published from Japan to Russia.

Kinfolk engages readers with examples on how to withdraw themselves from the working day and challenges of modern life. With constant  topics including ; community, hospitality and food culture. The magazine is seamless with a betrothed relationship between content and Aesthetics, consisting of small yet concise articles with a constant philosophical undertone. Kinfolks ethos is on stripping life back, focusing on the simple and mundane tasks of the everyday and turning them into a celebration of life.

I have been currently engrossed in most recent ' essentials issue' enlightening us on careless term "less is more". Stating this term is not about minimalism more about what is personally essential and what we value most within the foundations of our lives.


 Online feed turned publication, Protein is a platform aiming to innovate, educate and inspire its readers. Covering the latest technologies and consumer trends that are currently shaping our modern world. Consisting of relevant and engaging content from Product reviews to brand profiling Protein takes a very slight step away from more pretentious publications within its category.

 It accomplishes this with a well structured use of language which is very direct, on topic and easily read. I's found protein to be a useful source of inspiration with a lot of focus on professional and personal development with a lasting theme of humble beginnings. Within issue 16 a highlight for me was 'The Age Report', shedding light on emerging into adulthood and how children are being effected within the current technological age. 

magazine inventory.jpg


Inventory magazine was established in 2009 as a biannual publication and online platform, to explore the aesthetic and cultural interests of its founder's Ryan Wilms, Simon Roe and Owen Parrott. Inventory offers a unique and wide perspective on the subjects of design, craftsmanship and culture. They strive to look past the temporariness of a trend and focus on the brands, designers and artists who reflect high standards of quality with a desire to innovate. Using a variance of established and upcoming photographers, stylists and writers the 'Inventory Way' is something unique and encapsulating.

Personally this has been my favourite publication for some time. I find my self engrossed in a depth of learning about brands, designers and artists that i struggle to find elsewhere. One of my favourite features of the magazine is the sensory imagery and its unique placement. Inventory i believe is something special and a rare phenomenon in a saturated market of lifestyle and fashion magazines, something closely relating to our own ethos in regards producing content of depth and real understanding.

I believe a real emodyment of what Inventory is about would be the Visvim article from issue 11 written by Liz Armstrong, with breathtaking photography from Mark Borthwick and Keisuke Fukamizu. If you haven't read it yet we recommend you swiftly put it on your to do list.


In 2007 Monocle was conceived as a magazine briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more. Their market was an audience of readers eager to explore issues and experiences beyond their localised comfort zones. Monocle currently publishes 10 issues a year from their headquarters and base at Midori House in London. Monocle has found an enthralled following with its most popular regions including, the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Germany and France, with an unrelenting boom from the south east of asia. 

Monocle are obsessive when it comes to quality of print and an assortment of content. The brand is a vast and ever expanding empire, having published 'a guide to' book series, a number of insightful travel guides, cafe's and stores and worldwide webstore. Monocle i believe has something for everyone with its ABCDE concept; affairs, business, culture, design and edits, all encompassing the essence of the business minded gentleman.

Issue 87 is one of my current favourites , it incorporates a flowing focus on mens fashion. A highlight for me was the feature named 'Team Tokyo' within the style directory. It consists of a 19 page lookbook on men's autumnal staples and accessories. On occasion I find monocle to be an overload of information, particularly if like myself you enjoy reading a number of publications at any one given time. Monocle i believe is a brand you must fully immerse yourself in, it is a lifestyle, "a members club",  a way of life,  not just a publication.

Written by Cal Cowie