CC Top Picks - The Wrist Watch

Watches can be one of the trickier choices when it comes to accessorising. We at Contemporary Content thought it would be useful to compile a collection of watches in an array of styles and price points, in an attempt to make your watch choices that little bit simpler. Whether these are for day to day, statement or occasion wear, we hope to provide some solid suggestions for choosing your timepiece.


Timex - Archive Camper

Timex are renowned for their robust and timeless watches. Despite coming in a variety of styles, they all stay close to their roots - creating a watch for the everyman. They revolutionized the way that the world reads time in the dark;, they are innovators of their craft.

The Archive Camper is a classic timepiece with a 40mm time face that features Timex’s signature INDIGO® Night Light. This watch is 30m water resistant with quartz movement, ensuring resilience and accuracy from this budget piece.

This watch is a fantastic option and well suited to most any style due to its basic design. Timex caters to ease of wear and effortlessness, making this the ideal casual watch. It’s also at an extremely agreeable price-point, something not to be ignored for this great watch.

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Casio G-Shock - Punching Pattern

Renowned for their collaborative projects with labels including Bape, Maharishi and Martin Margiela Casio G-Shock is a staple brand in streetwear timepieces. With robust and standout watches featuring vibrant colours and patterns, you can be sure to find something that will draw eyes to the wrist of the wearer.

When the G-Shock first came around, the idea of a robust watch in an interesting colour wasn’t a readily available product. With watch companies putting out fragile pieces of jewellery, G-Shocks shattered this notion with their shock-resistant models. The practicality of their product, alongside a unique look enabled a surge in popularity and was soon labeled by many, a staple timepiece. The G-Shock was readily able to adopt various new technologies, the brand has consequently become Casio’s flagship product.

Looking at the GA-110LP-1AER ‘Punching Pattern’ this is a classic example of Casio G-Shock. The original masters of ‘the watch that never breaks’, this piece offers you shock resistance with an added 200m of water resistance and a 1/1000-second stopwatch. The rugged and sport-inspired aesthetic brings forward a timeless athletic look, easily worn for any sport or form of fitness.

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Daniel Wellington - Glasgow 40mm

With a love for vintage watches on weathered NATO straps, Daniel Wellington inspired an entire brand ethos. D.W. places an emphasis on an elegant timepiece, imbued with clean design to pair with the many different styles of the iconic straps. By doing this, the brand has created a timeless style of watch worn the world over by business types to baristas. Minimalist and refined, this classically designed watch with interchangeable straps truly has a wide-ranging appeal.

This design ethos is exactly what makes Daniel Wellington so special. Daniel Wellington has created a watch, which is without a doubt suitable for any occasion. Black tie event or at a bar with friends these timepieces make a fantastic companion. Every watch face designed and developed to go with a signature NATO strap or beautifully crafted leather one, this is a watch that can be different every day of the week.

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Instrmnt - 01-A-Watch

Instrmnt is a Glasgow based multi-disciplinary team with a single objective: ‘to create minimalist, high quality goods that are accessible to all'.

Straight from the cold North, this brand embodies a milimalist and sleek design. The goal of Instrmnt from day one was to make a high quality watch contructed of Swiss components with a simple and utilitarian design. Dismantled, or otherwise ‘exploded’ as co-founder Ross Baynham describes it, you open the packaging and what lies before you is every piece you need to create your watch; casing, pins, strap parts and a tool, all of which give you what Baynham describes as an instrument you put together.

The central ethos of this brand ensures you can be confident when wearing their timepieces alongside clean Scandi styling or as a simple complimentary piece to a statement fit. 

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Larson and Jennings - Lugano 40mm

Initially inspired by a childhood memento, Larsson and Jennings has come from humble beginnings and hard work. Fuelled by a love for the classic workings of the British dress watch and Scandanavian style, came founder Andrew Jennings idea for the fusion of Swedish and British design.

Scandinavian inspired dials and traditional details such as Roman numerals alongside Swiss movements and blended with a classic British aesthetic Larsson Jennings has become a staple watch brand, appealing to any man that values aesthetic design as much as they do engineering. Offering 3 variants of watches inspired by the legendary Rolex Daytona 6239. Larsson and Jennings present you with effortlessly stylish timepieces at a price point no one can scoff at.

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Braun - BN0095 Chronograph

When you think of Braun, you usually think male grooming, electric razors, maybe even clocks. Braun watches are designed to provide the wearer with a quality solution for their needs; in their words “anything less would be more”. With a reputation for making thoughtful and simply designed products Braun’s ability to make a brilliantly well made watch should be more than enough to convince you that their timepieces are worth it.

Starting at around £89 in their new ‘BN’ range and ending around £499, the spectrum of design and quality of materials varies widely. However Braun is able to provide an uncompromising level of quality regardless of price. The BN0095 is of no exception to that rule. 

 Features include; one piece case construction, Swiss movement, Chronograph features, a steel strap and sapphire crystal glass. This timepiece is almost unparalleled to others of the same price point. Each detail of these watches is carefully considered to a degree that leaves you with an effortlessly stylish timepiece, completely immersed in Braun’s philosophy to create ‘honest, unobtrusive, practical devices’.

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Undercover -  UCR4A07 Gold Double Wrap

In a not so immediate juxtaposition with Undercover’s earlier references to 70s punk culture and the appropriation of that style - the most recent timepiece created by the brand screams luxury. Their latest plunge into the world of time-based accessories comes in the form of a gold double-wrap watch.

The watch in question features a three-link, double-wrap oyster bracelet with a fold-over clasp that features a rebellious middle finger accent. Sporting a quote from a spoken word performance by Patti Smith (Babelogue), the recurring music based motifs are ever-present. This subtle nod to punk culture is something Undercover does extremely well and is an aspect fans of the brand repeatedly come back for. If you’re looking for a statement watch then Undercover’s latest foray into timepieces is perfect.

 ‘Fuck The Clock’ and get a brilliantly innovative, double-wrap, stainless steel watch in a brushed gold tone finish and have all eyes on your wrist.

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Written By Sam Cook