Northside Tattoo Exhibition @ Pink lane Coffee

A Maritime Exhibition by Northside Tattoo in collaboration with Pink Lane Coffee, held in association with the Lifeboat Station Project by  Jack Lowe.

 Following the success of Northside’s anniversary event at Pink Lane Coffee last year, a follow up was arranged and met with the same success with outstanding contributions from: Firebrick Brewery with a steady supply of beer and the Mama Zen’s Gang for the vegan and vegetarian cuisine at hand.

With Jack Lowe’s Lifeboat Station Project being the main focus for the event, a maritime theme was the main inspiration of the artwork. Lowe took the opportune time to publicly show one of the prints from his project for the first time. The success of the event was more than proven by the facilitation of 288 pints served up in 2 and a half hours and a huge quantity of food sold.

Northside Tattooz

Pink Lane Coffee




Words and content by Sam Cook