Adias NMD - The New Yeezy?

In this we hope to highlight the shoe of the moment from non other than the brand with three stripes, with its newest and insasiable instalment, the NMD Runner. Adidas had been exposed to a storming previous year in 2015, with a variety of significant influences and campaigns including Yeezy, Pusha T, Pharrell, Tubular, then finally the NMD with its release closer to the end of the year it was a late bloomer.

The sneaker has a number of esteemed attributes from the adidas arsenal with the upper consisting of a breathable and flexible prime knit upper much thinner and lightweight than that of the Ultraboost. The sole has again taken influence from the often stated 'greatest running shoe of all time' being made using ultra comfortable Boost technology with a smooth webbed bottom and bold, bright coloured panelling to the mid. Further details include a striking branded heel and pull tab, rubberised three stripe branding and a contrasted patterned ankle.

 So it seems somewhat fitting that one year of marketing magic ends with the NMD and a possibly greater one begins with its immediate presence, having announced a further 12 colour-ways and modified silhouettes to be released throughout the year. It is no doubt the original is to have current consumer favourability but with a triple black version on the way this month and using printed prime knit uppers on past and forthcoming releases consumers are sure to find their fix. 

Its sell through success is paramount, due to it being in a our opinion the first lifestyle shoe to have successfully taken on-board Boost technology. Inevitably or perceptually unfortunately, due its widespread global campaign and exclusivity it is well known to have a high resell value, even more so in china and other parts of Asia with aftermarket prices reaching figures of £300 - £600. No doubt the NMD is a great shoe but a realisation of inevitable over-saturation must be considered and how much gas does Adidas have in the tank left for this current endeavour.