Luke Million - Copenhagen


During my trip to Copenhagen I found myself fixated by the captivating architecture and colourful streets around every corner, this meant that my main focus when photographing the city became just that; architecture. While walking the streets I found myself constantly looking up, mesmerized by the vast amount of grand historical buildings and sculptures, not to mention the striking contemporary architecture that I found more of each day as I explored the city. Photographing Copenhagen came with ease because of the beauty it has to offer. It felt very natural to photograph, so I began documenting the city rather than just taking photos here and there.

For me, every different sight and landmark I visited were all aesthetically and historically unique - I enjoyed each one just as much as the last, however there was a handful of locations that stood out to me as truly breathtaking. One of these locations was The Church Of Our Saviour which is located in Christianshavn. This particular church has a very distinct helix spire that houses an external winding staircase that you can climb and enjoy the view of the whole city from various different angles - making this location perfect for photography. Every day during my stay was spent exploring the city, walking to different spots that I wanted to see. The beauty of being on foot was that I stumbled across so many different sights and landmarks that I otherwise would have missed out on. I found Copenhagen to be a very welcoming city that I felt very comfortable in. The city has an astounding juxtaposition of early 17th century landmarks and modern architecture everywhere you look. Copenhagen is an amazing city and I would recommend it to anyone as a place you must visit, I know I will definitely be revisiting myself.




Images and words by Luke Million.