Paladrin - 'Workwear with a nod towards contemporary culture'


Designed, sourced and made in London, menswear brand Paladrin works with local designers and craftspeople to create a collaborative body of work. It is an honest brand that supports emerging and existing talent in the belief that clothes should be made both responsibly and ethically.  

Heavily influenced by workwear from previous centuries, with a nod to contemporary culture, the collection aspires to unite functional needs with considered aesthetics. Each piece is made from sustainable and durable fabrics and will withstand the necesities of all seasons, whatever the weather.

Paladin’s first collection of everyday wear includes classic-cut worker’s jackets and shirts crafted from high-quality fabrics including corduroy, denim, moleskin and wool. Each piece is reliable and hardwearing, using a restricted colour palette to give a minimalist feel.  


PALADRIN. Functional Simplicity. Made in London.